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Making education and training work for young people

The Inner Eastern Local Learning and Employment Network (IELLEN) is a not-for-profit, incorporated organisation, and we gratefully acknowledge the Victorian Government for funding, which is provided through the Department of Education and Training.

The IELLEN works to improve education, training and employment options and outcomes for young people, especially for those who live, study or are connected to any of three LGAs: Stonnington, Port Phillip, Boroondara.

To achieve our aims the IELLEN leads, facilitates - or actively supports – more than 15 partnerships, networks, projects, committees or groups.

Making an impact

Through this work, and broader engagement with stakeholders, we

  • provide or share ideas, information, knowledge, resources, expertise
  • influence thinking and raise awareness regarding young people's wellbeing, education and pathways
  • facilitate access to people, organisations, services, linking up professionals within / across sectors
  • publicly recognise the achievements of young people, organisations and employers, and
  • directly or indirectly educate or assist hundreds, if not thousands of young people.

The IELLEN also has an increasing reach through social media, and other media, eg publications:

  • Our reach through social media platforms during 2015 was 10,500+ and is increasing in 2016
  • Our e2e Discussion Paper (launched mid 2015) has had more than 2,605 views on Australian Policy Online, and was one of the Top Ten viewed education publications of 2015
  • The IELLEN's "Fire Up!" Transition DVD has had more than 700 views on the video-sharing website
  • And our "Seen Heard, Celebrated" film (uploaded late April 2016) has so far been viewed more than 350 times on youtube.



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